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memory bank...

i think of my eljay on this day.

let it be known that on the even of thanksgiving 2009, president barack obama's limo drove by the feminist sex shop in which i work, downstairs from greenpeace headquarters, who i joined in waving "stop global warming" signs at aforementioned limo.

AND i got a cute dyke's number today.

sweet. life.
it's so odd to think my life is going on in such a way that a friend in a bar might actually say to me, "you should take that job in LA."

Feb. 28th, 2009

so those boys, who are following us from our dorm to SEB events to the rugby field, have now taken it upon themselves to destroy our posters once again and write "dykes" across our door.

i am, in some ways, so excited to graduate.

Feb. 13th, 2009

the pg county in me cringes at her articulation, inflection, pronunciation, etc., but also, i love it a little.

i am supposed to be watching Matewon, and it is on in the background, but i can't concentrate, since dr. benson has spoiled me on intellectual conversations about racism, and i can no longer have the patience for the "what?...racism didn't end with slavery?" theme better suited for someone with an IQ like ___ ____, a girl whose name shall be spared but who, in my women and human rights class, said: "i just don't think racism or sexism are issues anymore." hey, thanks for contributing.

we talked about hegel's lord/servant theory today, WHICH WAS SO INTERESTING, and so satisfying to understand. i think its why most people look to those in more patriarchally rewarded categories, i.e. the closest thing resembling a white hetero abled affluent male, for support/approval/etc. i ALSO think it explains the whole peter pan effect in cinema.

also contributing to the peter pan effect--a theory i've recently constructed--is the fact that the white hetero abled affluent male has the most fascinating and engaging experience, primarily because he is unoppressed, and therefore, has more experiences, opportunities, and people open to him, which, if we're pursuing this idea that popular cinema is primarily constructed for profit and that escapism is the most entertaining/profitable, then it all falls into place perfectly. i mean, i did really enjoy the darjeeling limited.

on a completely unrelated note, i find it outrageously awkward to see pictures of a current love interest with their former flame. and by awkward i mean uncomfortable. which i guess is again just tribute to the ownership aspect of monogomous relationships. thats why i would like to one day engage in a nonmonogomous relationship, and see how i handle it. ultimately, i definitely couldnt, although its interesting to think about raising (a) kid(s) with multiple other people. fascinating, at least.

off to curl up with my sleepytime tea, tissues, and the strongest drug i can find within a six foot radius.
last saturday we went to DC! adams morgan, african shops, falafel, duponte!, HRC store!!, guitar shop!!!, indian dinner

this friday the boys had a ridiculous dance party from which i am still recovering. it was the most fun. EVER.

saturday we went to F&M to cheer on ladies' bball, and i guess, techncially, men's bball as well.

today is so gorgeous i skipped thesis work to go to sam's and do meaningless homework. its literally 64 outside right now.

i wish i ahd more time to expand and appreciate the amazingly fun things i sometimes do, but i can't. on with homework!

Obama ended the Global Gag Rule!

He's also set to sign the Lily Ledbetter Act, which passed in the Senate two nights ago!

And on an unrelated note, this made me giggle:

Bratz Dolls May Give Young Girls Unrealistic Expectations Of Head Size

President Obama

"We are no longer a manipulated mass, a nation of children embarrassed by our father's simple-mindedness and impulsive rage."

it is so strange to actually be living through the moments that define history, to think that one day i will likely say to someone much younger and beautifully unaware of the radical injustices we know now, "i was a senior in undergrad when we elected the first black president of the united states." we were practically crying in cac forum today, cheering and yelling and clapping our way through the inauguration.

also, wade wants me... in her human rights and social justice. what am i to do? she wants it, so, i gotta give it to her.

now to bed so i can wake up for 6 AM power hour with mike duquette.